Turn meetings into Experience

Event content, speaker, agenda, communication and registration on one platform. In no time, you can turn a normal meeting into an experience for your guests. colada.sessions is the first Meeting-Content-Management-Application on the market and allows planning and performing of meetings like never before.

Content tailored to each participant

Create, manage, modify, and publish meeting content of any kind. Individual meetings or recurring training sessions. Virtual conference or live event. Plenary session or breakout. Benefit from a seamlessly integrated application and super simple handling. And on request, each participant gets to see his or her own personal agenda.


Perfect design

Adopt your corporate design directly into colada.sessions. Colours, shapes, fonts, logos are freely customizable. According to your wishes and ideas. Either via the integrated modular system or with an own css.

Virtual, hybrid, or live

Implement your meeting in the optimal format for the topic or the target group. Virtual, live, or even hybrid? Integrate existing online platforms such as BigBlueButton, Teams, Webex, Zoom, etc.

Participant registration

Participants can register directly for an event or alternatively for individual sessions. Registration forms can be freely designed with a modern editor.
Registration processes and capacities can be set individually.


Create modern, perfectly designed emails for every occasion with colada.sessions. Send email invitations to a selected group of people. Design registration forms tailored to your needs. Supplement the event website with static info pages. Create email confirmations that are automatically sent upon registration, and much more.

One content, unlimited options

сolada.sessions can handle single sessions as well as large-scale conferences, fairs, or even roadshows. Content, sessions, lectures, documents, live-streams, etc. are processed centrally and can be published via all possible devices and channels.

Expo for exhibitors and partners

The virtual exhibition stand integrated in colada.sessions allows direct customer contact and contact between exhibitors. Exhibitors can edit the contents of their stand independently in the exhibitor portal.

Communication via 1:1 chat and video chat is possible before, during and after the event. Design and functions can be customized according to customer requirements.

More possibilities with colada.

Discover many possibilities with

Public or personal experience incl. registration/payment

Networking and meeting activities

Optimal collaboration with the authors and the guests

A playful integration of the guests into the event

Complete and direct Integration with BigBlueButton

Works on every screen

Planning, production

& management

Plan and organize sessions by dragging speakers, lectures, documents and equipment to the session. Then just one click is enough to publish or update the new Agenda and Sessions content on the event website.

Simple planning tools at your fingertips
Built-in budget planning and checklists
Documents and links integrated
History on every level

Working with  colada.sessions

#1 Creating and managing

Just create a new session like you create a new meeting in your favorite calendar-application.

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    Simple operation - quick familiarization

  • .

    Planning in the central calendar

  • .

    People and resources available at a glance

  • .

    Allocation via drag'n drop

  • .

    WYSIWYG editor

  • .

    One-click publishing

  • .

    Extensive settings and personalizations

#2 Publishing

Like in any other Content-Management-Solution content is published on button click, and “automatically” look perfect! It is so easy for users that they can focus on delivering the content – everything else is done by colada.sessions.

#3 Personalizing

Every event and meeting should be individuell and personalized. Provide an optimal environment for all participants, exhibitors, speakers and colleagues.

We would like to give you an impression with the following examples and references from a wide range of fields:

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    Single meetings & events


    Training and course programs


    House fairs

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